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Happy Halloween girls and guys! Today I’ll be doing the Halloween Blogger Tag! If you want to try this out yourself, be sure to tag me!

What’s your favourite Halloween movie?

Halloweentown 100%

What age did you stop trick-or-treating?

Well, I never even started! I think I went trick or treating twice in my whole childhood? It wasn’t for me due to the anxiety of knocking on doors.

Favourite Halloween costume you’ve ever dressed up as?

Probably the greek goddess costume I wore to a Halloween party over 2 years ago! I wish I had a picture.

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Will you dress up this year?
If yes, like what?

For our Halloween party, I went as a Roman Gladiator Goddess. It was a comfy costume and looked nice without being “out there”.

Do you enjoy haunted attractions?

I’ve never visited any but I have asthma and hate being scared so probably never will!

Vampires or Werewolves?

I’ve always wanted to be a vampire but I adore wolves…so maybe werewolves.

Do you prefer to make or buy your costume?

Buy. I wish I was creative enough to buy!

Michael Myers or Freddie Kruger?

Michael Myers!

Favourite Halloween candy?

Nothing “Halloween” specific but when I did go trick or treating, I would always go to one particular neighbour who bought full-sized chocolate bars and she would make sure I got majority! No wonder I’ve gone off chocolate in adulthood though!

Do you decorate your house for Halloween?

Not when I lived at home but in my own home yes!

Halloween costumes that you dislike/hate?

Ones where people just throw a mask on with their normal clothes (unless it makes sense). I just don’t see the point as you’d likely take it off anyway.

Have you ever repeated a costume? What was it?

Never repeated a costume I think.

Do you believe in ghosts?

I’m not sure. Sometimes I hear/see weird things but I’d have to be in contact with one to fully believe.

Do you enjoy scary movies?

No, hate them.

What is your favourite Halloween treat that isn’t store-bought candy?

I don’t have one I think!

Favourite way to spend Halloween day/night?

Someone in our family is designated to throw a Halloween party for the kids which I enjoy. This year, Daniel will be hanging out candy while we chill out and watch films.

How can you take part in this tag?

I first found out about this Halloween Tag over on Being a Wordsmith. It originally began with Storybook Apothecary. You can participate by answering the questions above in a post on your blog and sharing it in the comments below via pingback (linking to this post)

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