I HEART Makeup MINT CHOCOLATE Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

Disclaimer; This product was bought by myself, for my own purposes, and was not influenced by Tam Beauty or I Love Makeup. All reviews are of my honest opinions.

Inside of the Mint Chocolate Palette with Name Insert.

Before I start, my new desk came! (If you have Snapchat, you would of seen!) so my pictures will be of better quality, as I can use my ring light better on a better surface! If you’ve noticed, let me know below!

So, to clarify yes, this was an impulse buy. I was in town for a day with my boyfriend, for him to get tattoos and to get some food. But I decided, I deserved a treat! So went with the intention of getting the new Makeup Revolution Christmas Palettes, but the Superdrug I went to, wasn’t getting them in stock! So instead of walking 10 minutes to the next superdrug (I am that tired..not lazy), I decided to buy the Mint Chocolate Palette by I love Makeup! This wasn’t a palette I would usually go for, but after getting it home, I decided to give it a try!

Outside of the Palette. A luminous green dripping chocolate design on a brown chocolate bar design.
Packaging; Of course, the chocolate palettes are always interesting and cute! The chocolate bar packaging is unique, and although many people see these palettes as dupes for Too Face’s palettes, I think I Love Makeup have took it as a innovative idea, and make it their own. The palette is quite thick to hold in comparison, with the chocolate bar…blocks? Coming out further, which can make holding it a little awkward, but still pretty none the less! A bonus, is the mirror included inside, which makes it travel worthy!

Inside the Palette; 16 Shadows. 9 Shimmers, 7 Mattes.

Product; As you can see, there are 16 shadows included in this palette, 9 shimmers and 7 mattes. The theme of the palette (I’m guessing) is Greeny-Autumnal Shades. When the palette initially came out, I thought it was a little weird, to have a red in there, but after looking at the palette, I guess you could do a lot of looks with it! 

Swatches Left to Right (Favourites): World’s Apart, Disturbance, Rivals, Distorted, Poison Ivy, Secret, Interupted

The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented (see above), and hold 1.22g (2.44g in the long ones) which is really good product! They feel really creamy and soft, and was really easy to blend! The only downside was, maybe too easy to blend? I felt like some colours just merged into eachother rather than a gradient. I also wish there was a greeny transition that was light, rather than the light colours that are on offer! However, it’s a pretty good palette! A little extra thing is…it smells like Mint! Specifically Aero Mint Chocolate!

[Reminder I am not an MUA, and just getting into Eyeshadows]. Eyeliner: Soap and Glory Super Cat Eyeliner. Interupted (Transition), Poison Ivy (Lid), Rivals (over Transition), Disturbance (Under Eye) with Secret.
Price: The price of this palette is £8.99, which is super affordable! This palette has already been compared to the Subculture palette by ABH, which in price comparison, I know which one I would buy! However, I feel like the palettes are not that similar!

Would I recommend? I actually would only recommend this palette IF you intend on using it everyday. I literally bought this palette because it was there (and it was the only one left) and realised I would only use a few shades out of it! I only experimented with greens as I never do! But it is a pretty good palette if you like the colours!

Where can you buy? Superdrug or Tam Beauty!

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