Invisible Disabilities Week; Interview with a Spoonie – Amy S

– Name
My name is Amy and my blog is Living with ME (
– Origin
– Tell us a little about you! What do you enjoy doing?
I have recently finished University where I was studying English Language & Linguistics and I am now doing a part time PGCE with the aim to teach English! I love singing, playing the piano, and obviously blogging!
– Tell us about your chronic illnesses! Anything undiagnosed or are you going through diagnosis right now!
I got glandular fever in March/April 2012 and was then diagnosed with ME/CFS in July 2014. Currently, I am going through another possible diagnosis which I have very mixed feelings about!
– What would you say is the worst thing about chronic illness?
The worst thing for me has to be the unpredictability of it. From one day to the next I have no idea how I’m going to feel, if I’m going to be able to go through with any plans I’ve made, if I’m even going to be able to get out of bed!
– Are you a part of the spoonie community? Have you learnt anything from it?
Yes! I love the spoonie community – it is so supportive and understanding! I’ve learnt that no matter what I’m going through, I know at least one person will understand and have been through the same thing as me. That really helps to know when you have a chronic illness as you can quite often feel very lonely!
– What is your support system like? Do you have people around you who support and help you?
I’m very lucky in that I have a very supportive boyfriend and family. My friends are also as understanding as they can be and are so supportive every time I have to bail on them!
– What is one achievement you have, that you thought you wouldn’t with chronic illness?
Graduating with a First Class Honours at Uni! It took me 3 years to do my A Levels because of the Glandular Fever and then I started Uni just after I got diagnosed with ME/CFS. I clearly wasn’t ready to go to Uni and actually ended up leaving after just 6 weeks because I was so ill. I then returned the following year and now, 3 years later I’ve finished! It has been a huge struggle and there were many moments where I thought I wouldn’t get through or would fail so I am so proud of myself for sticking with it!
– Any spoonie specific social media you would like to share? Can people follow you there?
You can find me on any social media! I also run Blogging in Bed which is a little blogging community for invisible illness / chronic illness / mental health bloggers!
Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest: @amylivingwithme
Blogging in Bed Twitter / Instagram: @bloggingbed

Blogging in Bed Facebook group: Blogging in Bed

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