Invisible Disabilities Week – What does my niece know about being a spoonie?

I thought this little interview would be a great filler post for Invisible Disabilities Week. My niece is only 7, and has gone through a lifetime of hospital visits already. At 9 months, she started her spoonie journey. Being diagnosed with Joint Hypermobility, Hypertonia and another condition in which affects her eye sight. We were told that she may suffer with walking and her eyesight. However, she learnt to walk at an average age, and wore her glasses like a trooper, even when she didn’t understand. Later on she was added onto the ASD pathway. She’s a clever, funny, cheeky little girl, who has overcome a lot and still has a lot to get past. And here is her take on her illnesses. [It is very short, due to the fact, she is ONLY seven, and to keep her attention, would be “Boring” from her auntie!]

You can also see me and Izzy do Roblox videos together in our “Niece Let’s Play” series here.

Tell us about you?
My name is Izzy and I’m 7!

What Chronic Illnesses do you have?
[Of course, I had to help her with this question] I have hypermobility, hypertonia and I am on the autism pathway…

What do you like to do in your past time?
Play roblox with my auntie, and make videos, when she isn’t being boring. I like to play with my cousin Sox, and play with my toys like LOL surprise, oh and I enjoy slime sometimes.

Do you know anything about why you’re “bendy”?
Just that it can be fun sometimes. And sometimes it hurts.

How does it hurt?
It just does. Especially when I get forced to walk for ages.

Do you know anything about Autism?
Why are you asking me? You came to the appointment weeks ago [2 weeks ago] with me, cheeky! I don’t know. Mummy asked me if I knew, and I think…sometimes, it means I’m just different. 

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