KNOW Cosmetics 4 in 1 Brow; Review and Photos! *GIFTED*

know cosmetics duo
Disclaimer: I received these as part of a review system. This in no way influences my views nor does it hinder my honesty!
I haven’t written anything in so long! But today I am bringing you guys, a new review of a brand I’ve personally never heard of before! KNOW Cosmetics, is mainly a Sephora brand and is integrating over into the UK. I kindly received two of their products called “No Bare Brows” and “No Bleeding Lips” and I was so excited to try them! But today’s review is going to be on just the brow pencil, as I haven’t used the lip pencil much!
“No Bare Brows” is a 4 in 1 pencil, that comes with a pencil (duh), wax, spoolie type brush and a sharpener! Although my shade wasn’t asked, the colour was a perfect fit for my brows too. Also, I must digress I am growing my brows out currently, as there are some parts of my brows where the hair is very slow-growing.
The product is compact, meaning it can fit easily into any bag, making it perfect to travel. Of course, being 4 in 1, means you eliminate having to have a sharpener etc, which is great! Personally, I prefer a pomade to a pencil/powder, although I ain’t prejudice! I’ll give it a go!
I had this makeup on for over 12 hours (9 am-9 pm)

The pencil is very soft, and a perfect colour match for myself! Although it went on very smoothly, I found it very hard to fill in my brows with it (as you can probably see the gaps in the above photo). I feel it would be better just to give the outline or to do the beginning. However I haven’t perfected my “wax” skills but the wax very easily helped my brow hairs. Furthermore I also found I needed to carve them out with concealer as although it felt very smooth, it didn’t run smoothly across my foundation and it got stuck nearer the end of my brow.

Where to buy?

Some of their products can be found in Superdrug, alongside Lloyds Pharmacy in the UK!

Would I recommend? It depends. If someone prefers a pencil to a pomade, I’d definitely suggest this one. It’s probably the best one I’ve used out of all the brow pencils I ever used, but personally, prefer a pomade. I would not recommend if you want a more fuller “fake” brow.

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