Making the best of life, one spoon at a time…

*For anyone that doesn’t understand the spoon reference, give “Spoon Theory” a google.
*I can be quite open, so please do not be alarmed.

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I thought it was time for a little update on my life. Don’t you agree? I thought you would.

Now you know my main priority when writing, is about my health, so please don’t be alarmed that there will be a focus on this in this post, but of course I’ll include other things.


We last spoke when I had my sigmoidoscopy in June/July 2016. A lot has changed since then. Firstly, my periods stopped. I never mentioned this in my last health blog post, but yeah. It was so strange, yet I was kind of expecting something wrong? My gynae put it off as symptom of the Depo Provera “Satan’s Needle”, and completely wrote me off. But my GP did not believe that. Instead referred me back telling them to sort themselves out, and notice that the symptoms would not last past 5 months.

Thankfully my gynae was seeing someone else, so I saw another member of his team. He stated that everything points to Endometriosis (result) however would never talk about my surgery, which should of shown Endo? How strange? Every time I mentioned it, he would start with “Yeah…” and then move onto something else. Anyway, the end result was that I would be started on Prostap DCS. If it worked, I would be fitted in for excision, if not I just have Chronic Pelvic Pain. Seemed fine to me? And yes a lot of you Endo sisters, will probably be worrying, I know about Lupron. However this may be my only chance to get everything done properly with excision surgery, and I’m afraid if I don’t, they’ll leave me in the dark for more years, like they have for nearly 3.

So leaving pelvic issues aside, since then I’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Migraine-Vertigo, alongside B12 deficiency, borderline anaemia, folate deficiency and going onto food allergy diagnosis’. It sounds silly but it keeps my life exciting at least!


So new year, new me and all that shizz! I’ve now returned back to my home calling, Slimming World! I’ve had a nice 9-10 months off, but now I’m back to the point where I feel I can get back to my roots. I haven’t set a weight loss target and taking it at my own pace. As long as I’m my dream size by my 21st next year, then I’m all happy!

Bullet Journal – Stabilo Pastel Highlighters – The Works Pretty Washi Tape – Kawaii Stickers

Another thing I’ve started this year, is bullet journalling and bullet studying. I’ve always loved the look of it, but only just realised it’s something I can pursue. It also helps me stress-relief, writing down my moods, periods and symptoms! Much easier than writing in a plain dairy, when I can make it look pretty too!

Bullet studying is a bit harder, but makes my revision look pretty! It also makes me stress less on what I need to know. As many of you will know, I dropped out of my A-levels due to being mainly bed-bound or unmotivated most of last year after my surgery. But I made a comeback into Year 14! I’m also given leeway with attendance (although I’ve had many issues with prejudice over this), and people seem to be a lot more understanding compared to when I was in year 13. So thing’s are looking good.

Philosophy Revision – Life after Death.

I think that’s pretty much all the updates? Unless you want to know more, just ask!

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