Meet my Dad; Charlie Beats Cancer

Disclaimer: This post may contain triggers or uncomforting stuff. I highlight not to read if you are upset by things such as cancer, strokes, hospitals and many relatable things.

Meet my Dad! My dad has had a HECTIC year to say the least, or should I say life?

My dad has endured being shot at, being attacked, growing up in a stigmatized Ireland, 3 strokes and now has been diagnosed with Cancer. The good thing is my dad is a true fighter, and always been an inspiration to me. My dad has taught me independence, loyalty and best of all, self love. He taught me to always put myself first, and to love myself as much as I can, before loving someone else. He taught me drive, ambition and how to get things you want. He is a true hero to me, both my parents are.

When my dad had the stroke, I was called in, telling us that my dad may not make it, and my world fell apart. So many thoughts went through my head at that moment. But my dad didn’t give up, and I saw it in his eyes, he wasn’t done here yet. Over the next 7 months, he fought to be back to normal, and although he wasn’t 100%, he definitely got past 90%, which for many stroke survivors, happens over years, not months.

In May, he was diagnosed with Type 2 Tonsil Cancer (Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lympth Nodes). Thankfully, it’s curable and early, so will undergo extensive treatment, including Monoclonal Antibody Immunotherapy, to fight it. It is going to be so hard, not only for my dad, but for me, my mum, his family. But if I know anything, it’s that my dad will never give up. 

And that’s why he asked me to start a blog of some sorts for him, which I did. I started with an instagram (follow here) but it was hard to find pictures he wanted to upload. So we decided on a Facebook Page too, so he can type his feelings out, while I spell check and take photos.

He wanted to raise awareness for Strokes as well as Cancer, and motivate others who have gone through the same to come together with him to raise awareness and fight too. 

So it would be really appreciated if people could come along with us on the journey. Or share it with others, as you never know who you may help. All love and support is welcome and very much needed.

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