My Current Favourite Youtubers!

I am a youtube fanatic as of late! Up until I think new years, I barely watched youtube. I’d watch the odd makeup tutorial, but never really understood why people were so obsessed…until I found all of these amazing youtubers!

I could literally watch her everyday. She’s so down to earth and feels like an actual human, that I enjoy watching her. She’s relatable, and she always keeps things real with her subscribers. She’s definitely someone I’d aspire to be like. Especially when it comes to getting over some of her anxieties, and pushing forward with her dreams. Always makes it a pleasure to watch!

I have to put these two together, because their collab video, was the first one I ever watched of either of them I think. Emma is just so talented and I definitely see myself in here, especially with her fashion and the way she sees the world. I also think she’d be an amazing best friend. I really enjoyed her vlogmas videos, and I personally think her vlogs make her channel!

So, stepping away from the beauty youtubers for a second, ZaiLetsPlay has to be my favourite gaming youtuber. Although she has her own little niche, she cracks me up! She’s so funny, and she has been on youtube for years and highlights the fight you give, to get your dream. I originally found her for my niece, who loves roblox, but as I watched some I got obsessed with her well thought out story lines, and her witty humour. I especially love her Sims series at the minute. I would highly recommend her “American tries” series too!

Again, I have to put them together. Biggs87x is Zai’s fiance, and I think the only male youtuber I will continuously watch and enjoy more. His and Zai’s videos together are crucial to my down time, and I think he’s really sweet and down to earth. Him and Zai, are 100% a power couple.

The queen of Youtube herself. I must say, before I watched Nikki, I had this stigma against her, and that’s bad. I thought “why does everyone watch her” “why am I hearing her everywhere”, and it was like a reverse psychology, that made me think “No, she must be crap, I can’t watch her”, and that was honestly how I saw it. But then I watched one of her videos, and was HOOKED. She’s literally so cute, and repping it for us big girls out there (and those tall girls too!). She just seems like a gem, and I wish she could come do my makeup everyday, because she is F L A W L E S S. 

And now the king of Youtube. Shane Dawson is a bit different to everyone I’ve mentioned so far, in terms of; he is well known for conspiracy videos. I have watched his videos in the past, but only really got into them recently, especially with his TanaCon series. I really think Netflix need to snatch him up and make some documentaries with him, because he killed it! And if you haven’t watched him, definitely do!  

Yes, another beauty goddess. Laura Lee was another one I had a stigma against. I don’t know what it is, but any of the big youtubers, I just tend to think “No, don’t give in” but I did and I don’t care. Laura Lee is an actual southern bell, and she’s so witty and I love that. Watching her do her makeup, and her have that much passion she can just have fun while doing it, makes it worthwhile to watch. Especially with how honest she is, and includes her subscribers in her life.

And finally, but not least, we have another Sophie! Sophie Louise is the cutest thing ever. She just wants to have a giggle, and her nerves make me giggle. To me, she is a beauty guru, but not in the typical sense; in a funny sense. She has serious talent, but never takes herself seriously, and while I want to say “SOPHIE YOU ARE GOOD”, she brightens up my negative days.

Do you have any youtubers you’d like to recommend? Leave me a comment down below and I’ll check them out!

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