MY SIGN “FIRE” Palette – Photos, Review, Swatches

Disclaimer; This product was sent to me from My Sign due to winning a giveaway. The views in this review are of my own and not influenced by the brand or Tam Beauty.

This blog post is really late, or you could say super early! This palette is exclusive to a few of us, and I wanted to get this blog post out before the debut, so there were some reviews out there beforehand! So this is the Fire palette by MY SIGN. And I am so honoured to actually have it! I won it via a giveaway, but I feel amazing as the minute this palette was announced, I wanted it! Having the Sagittarius collection already, this was NEEDED to complete my astrology makeup goals.

Also, I hope people enjoy the pictures! When the palette was delivered, I was relaxing at my desk with some candles on to set a little wintery mood, and thought, a fire palette needs a little fire right? And it’s completely different from my usual pictures, so let me know if you like them below too!

Packaging;  The palette comes in a gold cover, with a normal black plastic palette cover, with the writing on the front in gold. I really love how there are 4 elemental palettes with star signs attached! In pictures I always thought it would be a little bigger but the pan sizes are quite generous for a small-ish palette. It is quite simple, and it is perfect travel size! Downside being, there is no mirror!

Product; The eyeshadows are so pretty! There are 1 baked, 2 matte and 12 shimmers. I have to say although it is very pretty, and sticks to the theme of Fire, the lack of matte shades bothers me. It leaves transition colours to a peach-red colour and a chocolate colour, and I really wish one of the orange shades was matte, as they would make a better transition! Some colours are definitely a lot more shimmery compared to others which are kind of encouraging? But the lack of mattes upset me a little! Side Note: I also felt the palette had a smell? Not a bad smell, but smelt kind of flowery? I’m unaware if it was intentional, but I could smell a very flowery smell? If you know, tell me below!

The pigmentation is AMAZING. The baked eyeshadow (the white) had me speechless because it is so stunning and acts as a good highlighter too. The colours were easy to blend, but I felt like they were too easy to blend making it redundant? I felt colours mixed together with a little too easy, so needed to be built upon, and blended lightly! I found it extremely hard to create or think of a look, and feel I am not that adventurous, but you learn by playing. I believe this palette would go great with the Soph X palette, as the shimmers would go great over some of her matte shades.

Eyelashes – AliExpress/eBay

Price; As far as I’m aware this palette will be £6, and for 15 eyeshadows, that’s amazing! There are 4 different palettes you can get, and even though I am Sagittarius, I will most likely be buying the other 3 palettes myself hopefully! With my birthday being on Friday (24th), I may be lucky to actually get my hands on them after then! 

Overall, I am actually really happy with this palette. I feel it’s very personal to me, and with the Christmas season coming up, the gold shimmers will be my BEST friend! I wish there were more red-burgundy tones also, but I also feel it’s a very edgy/unique relation to Fire, and it’s super hot! The pigmentation is crazy, and I would 100% recommend it.

The palettes have been announced to release on the 22nd of November (Wednesday) and you can buy them on the Tam Beauty website! I am unaware of when their release in Superdrug will be, but be sure to follow the brand on Instagram to stay updated, and see the other palettes!

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