My Top Summer Doggy Tips – featuring #SoxtheSpoodle!

If you’ve been in the UK, you’ll notice we had/have the hottest summer in a while, reaching up to 36C in some places. Sadly, our little puppers haven’t been allowed out to enjoy the weather, as it’s JUST been too hot. But, there have been some days when it’s been okay for them to go out, yet we feel we aren’t doing enough for them. So here are my top doggy tips to help your pup in the heat!

1. Stock up on ice lollies/ice pops.
There are of course special dog ones, but my vet simply said to get the 86p cheap ice lollies out of Asda, which we do! As long as they don’t contain lactose, you are A-okay to go! Sox is especially fond of the fruit pastille knockoffs from Asda, as he gets a variety of flavours from them! However, limit it to maybe one a day, as it can be a little upsetting for their stomach! Or you can buy special doggy ice pops/ice creams!

We found some Frozzys in our park parlour!
2. Hayfever Tablets.
Yes, some hayfever tablets are safe to give your dog. Not many know it, as we think “oh how would dogs have hayfever?” well they do! My little Sox, HATES grass, and I always wondered why, and it’s because of hayfever! We were originally giving him piriton, but now we opt for Asda’s own hayfever tablets. However, we always advise talking to your vet before giving.

3. A cooling mat.
You can get them for £2.99 at Home Bargains or £4.99 on Amazon! Of course, our little guy is teething, and within an hour he burst into ours, but he enjoyed the cooling sensation it gave before this! Silly Sox! (It was easily fixed!). It has a cooling gel inside, which gets colder as the dog lays on it. 

4. No hot pavements!
Please, do not take your dogs out on hot pavements. If you’re unsure, go out onto your pavement in bare feet. If it’s too hot for your feet, it’s too hot for them!

5. Water Spray Bottle.
Warning: If you use a spray bottle for punishment, I wouldn’t really recommend doing this, as it may confuse your pup.

You can use a Spray Water bottle! Always, always take water with you, when taking your dog out (You can buy these doggy water bottles here) but sometimes it’s super hard for a puppy to want to drink with how hot it is. So, we found with Sox, he is quite happy to be sprayed with water and drink it that way, so we put fresh cold water into a spray bottle and off we go! (of course, with a full bottle of water too!) and it works perfectly. It helps your dog cool down after a walk AND during, while also keeping them hydrated and alert!

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