My *Very Loose* 5 Year Plan!

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In over 2 weeks, I’ll be 21. In the US, I’ll legally be able to drink. I’ve always seen that as quite cool. But I’ve also always thought that meant I’d have my life together by now, which trust me I don’t. But I always like to plan a head, and I guess my plan is sort of on track. Here are some things I hope to have acheived within 5 years. Now I say this very loosely. If it all goes to plan, that’s amazing! But if it doesn’t I’ll still only be 25/26 and have plenty of time.

1. Complete University.
I just about completed my A-levels due to Illness, so I really hope next year when I go to University, I’ll stick to it, and my chronic illnesses will be more of a strength with studying rather than a weakness.

2. Have a baby.
A lot of people who know me will read this, and think “I’m sure she never wanted to be a Mum”, while that used to be true, my mind changed a lot when I got with my partner. I got baby fever from around 15/16, especially when I love being around my niece and nephews a lot, I think I have a bit of a maternal bone in my body, and I know for a fact Hender does. Don’t get me wrong, I still want a lot of dogs! Just maybe some human pitter patter in there too! Let’s just say we may have that in the works…

3. Our first home.
This is something we want before a baby, but our first home. This is something we’ve been planning for, for the past 2 years, and hopefully over the next 2 we’ll be able to get a good house. A lot of things have came up in the past year or so, and I definitely do not want to move into a house on my own (Hender works away a lot) so I definitely want our own space soon. Especially for Sox to get his own space and freedom. (I’d also really like a ring, but if it doesn’t happen, hey ho *cough cough, hint hint*)

4. Self-Confidence.
I had CBT earlier this year for my social anxiety. And while I got a bout of confidence, it just seems to be a lot worse now. I’d love to say in the next 5 years I gained a bit more sociability, and maybe University will help with that too.

5. Driving
When I was about 7, I was involved in a really bad car crash, which the doctors at the time said, if it was 1 minute later before my dad slammed the break, I would of been dead. So ever since, I’ve had terrible car anxiety, and it’s never been that I don’t trust the person driving me, but I just don’t trust other drivers. But driving has become a quick necessity of mine, and I’ve always loved the thoughts of being able to go wherever I wanted to! Hopefully in 2 years, I’ll have got my first car! (Blog post coming soon!)

6. Get on my first agency/PR List.
Don’t get me wrong, this is one thing I’m not in a rush for, this can happen whenever, and I’ve also gotten a few sponsored posts/PR packages. But I want to be on at least one PR list of a brand I’m in love with (for example; Clinique, Makeup Revolution, Disney, Nintendo etc). This would be truly amazing and grateful, but of course it’s a dream, and not something I would beg to happen.

7. Meet my AC Addicts admins.
This is something that I’m also, *dreaming* of happening considering most live in the US, but I’d love to meet my Animal Crossing Addicts friends. They’re literally the most loveliest people I’ve ever met, and they’ve set me such high standards for friends, and they don’t even live near to me! Some live in the UK, so I just hope that I get to meet them ones within the next few years!

And that’s about it for now! What are some of your goals? Leave them in a comment below!

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