My Favourite K-Dramas

Korean entertainment has became a big part of my life. If you seen one of my other recent posts [My Playlist of 2019] you’ll see I’m a massive K-pop fan. But with being on maternity leave at the moment, I’ve also invested time into K-dramas.

I’ve received recommendations from friends mostly but decided to work my way through Netflix first as it’s the easiest. 

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  • My ID is Gangnam Beauty

The reason I first got into K-dramas was due to facebook pages randomly coming up on my newsfeed and a short clip from this one came up. Gangnam Beauty focuses on a new University student who went through a life of bullying to then go through plastic surgery before Uni and becomes a “100/100”. It’s about her dealing with insecurities, Uni life, other pretty girls, crushes etc.


 My favourite part is the main male lead Cha Eunwoo (from the K-pop band Astro). He is know as “Face Genius” as he is too photogenic. His character is what all men should aspire to: he calls bullies out, looks for individual values and we see how someone so beautiful goes through issues too. Eunwoo is a really good actor also as if you know Astro, you know he is a major sweetheart compared to his character who is quite held back.

  • Hwarang

Every BTS fan has probably watched Hwarang. It’s a historical drama about the Hwarang (protectors of the King during the Silla Kingdom) and these served King Jinheung. It focuses on two main male leads (Park Seo-Joon/Park Hyungsik) and a female lead (Go Ara) and their adventures. Every single male character grasped my attention for looks but also the character development is amazing! Go Ara is a beautiful actress and was amazing at the part! 

Of course Taehyung from BTS is in it and is a beautiful character. My favourite actor is Park Hyungsik who plays the “King with No Face”. He is such a dynamic actor, has such a cute face (handsome but he has such a baby and cute face). It’s also got some funny aspects and cringe which I like. The best bit it feels like the focus is bromance and they had to shove a little bit of romance in which I love.

  • Strong Girl Do Boon Soon

This drama is about a family where every woman is born with extreme strength. Boon Soon (Park Bo-Young) being one of them can’t control her powers and wants to be a games developer: Park Hyngsik’s character runs a game development company and hires her as a bodyguard. And you can see where this is going right? 

Also it has a strong CSI theme which I kind of loved. It’s real cringe and adorable so if you’re looking for a good chick flick, try this K-drama instead!


  • You are My Destiny

Amazing. Utterly cringe but amazing. Kind of like “What happens in Vegas” but it doesn’t stay in Vegas and its times 10 million! This one came up on my newsfeed a lot with cute clips so I just had to watch it! Mi-young: a young temp wins a holiday, and her anonymous CEO Lee Gun plans a proposal to his girlfriend at the same holiday destination. 

Due to a horrible prank on the CEO and a mistake on Mi-young, they end up sleeping together and getting pregnant. It follows their relationship, troubles, family, marriage, the pregnancy. Jang Hyuk (plays Lee Gun) is brilliant. His character is crazy and unrealistic but I couldn’t help but love it! He’s very egotistical, childish and laughs like an evil person all the time (we later find out why) but he’s also caring for his family and friends, logical and smart. 


  • She was Pretty

Starring Seo-Joon (also a main actor from Hwarang). It reminds me of 13 going on 30 a little. Girl is pretty growing up, guy is a shy chubby boy and they grow up to be vice versa. Except in this one they were inlove as children and quite aware of it, the girl hides herself from him as an adult and turns out he’s her boss.

 It’s very complex but the episodes are long and it reminds me of a good chick flick! Seo-joon is a talented actor. He also has a nice voice which is strange but soothing.

  • Suits

Yes Korea decided to adapt Suits into a K-drama. But trust me they only made the names and script korean because the storyline is still pretty spot on. Again: starring Park Hyungsik (if it has him in, you can trust me I’m usually watching it!) and it’s based on a lawyer hiring a guy with an unbelievable memory to be his assistant lawyer (although he isnt officially licenced to be one!) 

Will he ever get caught? I watched the American suits and loved it until mid series 2 but now I’m hooked on this one. Mainly for Hyungsik but it also has more personality and realism about it.

  • Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung

Starring Eunwoo again (As you can tell I enjoy them with the same actors in!) as a Prince who writes “erotica”, and She Se-kyrung who is a female historian who writes non-fiction and their relationship. It is a historical drama and I’ve learnt a lot watching it! It highlights early feminism/patriarchism but also has a lot of male development in which I love.

There are a lot of tense moments with heart wrenching emotion, but also some very subtle cute moments.

  • Orange Marmalade

One of the first K-dramas I watched! This one is about vampires and how they are outcasts amongst humans but allowed to live as long as they don’t reveal themselves. Ma-ri joins a new high school and falls for her school president (turns out they have a natural bond) but another rebel vampire joins and tries to win her heart by joining her band.

 It has a lot of themes and jumps back to a historical period at a confusing moment but it’s a very a sweet drama. It was a good starting point.

I have a few more on my list yet to complete (Abyss, Goblin etc) too! Do you watch K-dramas? Or what is your favourite tv show right now?


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  1. Hi, love the recommendations, I still need to watch some of these shows. Have you seen Goblin btw?


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