My New Year Goals 2020

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And now we’re about to go into the twenties again. 2019 has been an exciting and emotional year for me, but 2020 is going to be even better. Charles will be growing even more and I have a whole year to decide what to do with my life; yay to good stress. So here are my new year goals for 2020. The reason I now say “goals” is because “resolutions” can be very strict, but not go to plan. Hence goals are what I wish to achieve but won’t stress myself out on. 2019’s new year’s resolutions kind of didn’t go to plan…but let’s hope the 2020s do!

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1. Buy Island Stools.

May not seem like a big thing, but we really need seats for our kitchen island.

Feelunique (UK)

2. Start taking more photos.

I barely have any pictures of myself and would like to showcase things more confidently on social media.

3. Organise our house/decorate Charles’ room.

Charles is 6 months in January, so will need his own little space! I cannot wait!

4. Start using Insta Stories/Making Videos.

I need to be more confident in my blogging life, especially on Instagram.

5. Leave the house more.

My anxiety has taken over in 2019. In 2020 I’m going to make it my mission not to let it.

6. University.

Work out whether I will go to University part-time or do distance learning and get a job.

7. Sort my hair and skincare routine out.

I used to look after myself quite well until I had Charles. It’s so hard as a Mum to look after yourself; especially with the routine, I had. And I need to get back into that routine.


What are your goals for 2020?

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