New Years Resolutions 2018

2017 is finally over, and I’m so glad! Literally! So many things have gone on this year that I really wish to forget, and I’m making 2018 my year. Not only do I turn the big 21, but I want to make up until my 21st memorable, I want to be able to share pictures from each month at the end of 2018 and go “What a great year”. Wish I could say that for 2017.

1. Get a sustainable job.
From August, I took a few months off. Of course, I applied for jobs while taking that time out, but so much was going on with my health, and then close to the end of the year so much happened I was unable to actually take a job. Leaving A-Levels and going to University is an easy transition, you have a few weeks off then head back into education. That is not the path for me at all, and I know it wasn’t. But transitioning into a job is hard work, and I’m going to fight to get into my dream job as soon as possible.

2. Moving out.
Yes, I’ll need a job first. But I always told myself, I would move out as soon as I was an adult, and I think I’ve spent enough time at home. However, I started thinking more realistically as I ventured into college. My dreams were, that I would move far away from Liverpool. I hate it here, although it’s a beautiful city, and I will defend it to the Wools (people from outside Liverpool as much as I can), it doesn’t feel like home. But, due to family and other things I’ve realised maybe just outside Liverpool is okay, or even starting off in my first house/flat in Liverpool. This is what both me and my partner are working towards, and I’m so excited.

3. Travel a little bit more.
Okay, this needs money too. But this is a relationship goal. Me and Daniel have both decided we  deserve an actual holiday. And the great thing is, we both enjoy the same sort of holidays. Adventurous ones. I’m not one to sit on a beach. Why go on holiday, come back and people say “Oh so what did you do?” “just sat and got a tan.” That’s not a memory to me. You can say so many times “I went here and here and here”, but you can say “I visited these ancient temples with this history.” “I went into this village, and in their culture they do this.” That’s the type of holiday I want. So we’re aiming to visit Prague, Russia and the Ukraine this year. (Prague was my idea..Danny is obsessed with the USSR history for some reason!)

4. Blogging Events.
Moving onto blogging, this is something I need to venture in to. I was invited to 4 blogging events this year, which for a chronic illness blogger is alot. 2 of them were in the city, and 2 outside, and all times it was anxiety or illness that stopped me going. And it really upset me that I had to let people down. This year it’s going to stop. My anxiety takes over all the time, and I think that’s when my illnesses decide “you’re ill”. So 2018, I will get invited to events (if anyone wants to invite me to any ūüėČ ) and I am going and getting that experience!

5. Healthy Eating.
This year has been ridiculous for the amount of crap food I have consumed. I’ve gave myself the year off, and the weight and insecurity has piled on, and I only have myself to blame. However, 2018 I won’t be going hard on myself. When I was younger I had to lose weight because if I didn’t, I was making myself worse, confidence wise and health wise. But now I’m an adult, not so much. So dieting is starting, but I am damn well sure taking my time!

I hope everyone has a lovely new year!

These are my 5 resolutions for next year. Great right? What are your resolutions for 2018? Any blogging ones? Comment them down below!

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