New Years Resolutions 2019

Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash

Tomorrow is the first day of the brand new year, and oh my gosh, how fast it has gone! Here are my new years resolutions for next year! What are you planning on doing in 2019?

1. Get my driving licence
I’ve been telling myself for 2 years I’d learn to drive, and I’ve just been putting it off! When I was 8 we got into a really bad car accident, and it’s made me a nervous wreck when I’m in a car, so I thought I’d never drive after that. However, it’s becoming a bit of a necessity in my life, and I definitely can conquer this fear when i’m in control!

2. Prepare for University in September

3. Look at houses a bit more/prepare to move out.

4. Less doctor/hospital visits if possible.
Although I can’t control my health, I’m absolutely sick to death (ironic) of seeing doctors and hospitals. I just want to live my life, so whether that’s riding some of my illnesses out, and hoping I don’t need it, that’s what I’m going to do. (Of course if I need to see a doctor, I’m not going to be an idiot and not go.)

5. Focus on my blog a bit more.

6. Social Media Goals – Reach 5k on Instagram
This may seem a bit selfish or arrogant, but Instagram has been a major let down for me in regards to blogging this year. My followers haven’t shifted much since reaching 4k, and I also feel like I have so many spam/ghost followers. I’d like to have a more pure engagement statistic definitely, and maybe making it a traffic source for my blog. Hopefully I can atleast reach 5k.

7. Eat more healthy

8. Enjoy myself a bit more.
I can be a major bore, and I’ve always enjoyed that. But now I’m 21, I’m starting to resent myself a little. So I atleast want to go to some social gatherings this year, or maybe when I’m at university I will.

What are your resolutions? I personally don’t make them and feel I have to hit them, they’re just things I’d generally like to achieve at some point in life!

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