October Advertisers

October is my first official month for offering advertisement packages, so this month I offered it to my friends/family who blog! If you would like to advertise with me, see here!

Charlie is a middle aged man (also known as my dad) who has had one HELL of a few years. In 2016 he had an accident which resulted in a broken leg. He was unaware of it being broken until a year later and had to have extensive surgery to correct the damage caused. In November 2017, my dad suffered 3 strokes, which then resulted in me taking time off to care for him and him contracting shingles! The next six months after flew past, and my dad was heading back to work when he got diagnosed with Head and Neck cancer. Through diagnosis he went on to have a heart attack. And through all this, he never gave up. He carried on going, with the help of me, my family and the NHS, my dad made it home in time for my 21st and Christmas. He wanted to document everything, and show people that although he may look okay, he isn’t. He’s living with these things for life.

This lovely blogger is my friend Ruth! She started blogging earlier this year, and it’s obvious she’s MADE for it. She blogs about all things whether it be chronic illness, to what she likes to do in her spare time. Her writing is very poetic, and professional, I can see a big blogging future for her. Read her recent post on Social Anxiety and Retail here!

And finally (Every month there are more slots!) is Michelle. My parenting, spoonie and book loving blogger friend! Michelle’s son was born with a heart condition and being a spoonie herself, with two young kids already, this was hard. But she’s one of the bravest women I know who continues to run her daily life in an efficient way. I *kind of* persuaded her to get involved with blogging (with being a future author herself), to document her journey and love for everything. She’s one to watch 100%.

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