Blogmas Day 12: My current favourite “blogmas/vlogmas” bloggers and vloggers!

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash So I did a similiar post last year, and for my final day, I want to highlight some bloggers and vloggers that you should all check out this month! SophdoesVlogs Anastasia Vlogs Ruth in RevoltHave you been doing Blogmas? Leave me your links below to have a read! Our have a readRead more

Blogmas Day 11: Would You Rather “Christmas” Tag

Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash Nearly the last day of Blogmas, that went by so fast! And here’s my final little Winter tag (Well..maybe…) Eat Brussels sprouts or cauliflower cheese? I love some cauliflower cheese definitely!Have twinkling lights or still lights?I like still lights! Twinkling lights are cute, but make me twitch!Eat gingerbread or Ferraro Roche?Gingerbread! IRead more

Blogmas Day 10: What I Love about Christmas

Photo by Beatriz Pérez Moya on Unsplash Happy 10th day of Blogmas! Isn’t this exciting? Anyway, I did this post last year, and literally, nothings changed. Seriously, I read through it and was like “gosh these are all the same”. So I’ve tweeked a few parts! Enjoy! Layers! This may sound weird, but I love the fact ChristmasRead more

Blogmas Day 4: Christmas Outfits for the Pup!

I was kind of hoping I’d have bought some of these outfits to show Sox off in, but sadly I haven’t had a chance SO here are some of my favourites that I would buy! (Click Photos for Links!) Starting off simple, is this Santa harness! If you don’t want to put your dog inRead more

Blogmas Day 3: My favourite Christmas Films

Last year I did a Christmas films favourites too! But this year some have changed, and no, there isn’t a “plot twist” these are just some fun Christmas films I’ve enjoyed and everyone should sit together and watch them! These are in no particular order! 1. The Christmas Train 2. How the Grinch stole ChristmasRead more

Blogmas Day 2: PUR x The Grinch Palette Review

The minute this palette came out, I just knew I needed it! And what better way to start off Blogmas with a christmassy makeup review? The palette consists of 10 eyeshadows, 1 highlighter, 1 blush and a colour changing lip balm. I absolutely adore the packaging! The packaging has a little Who scenario as youRead more

Blogmas Day 1: Sweater Weather Tag

Photo by rocknwool on Unsplash Happy First day of Blogmas, and happy December! Last year I did the Sweater Weather tag, and this year I wanted to do it again, to see if anything had changed! 1. Favourite candle scent? For Winter, it’s definitely gingerbread. It just smells so fresh and warm! 2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?Read more