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Finally, a new blog post! Sadly, with the way pregnancy is going, I’ve kind of lost the motivation to blog at the moment, but I’m hoping as the pregnancy goes on, I can get back into it! I usually get more motivation into Fall/Winter! So I decided to do a little pregnancy update!









Hyperemesis Gravidarum


So at around 12 weeks, I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) as you may have read in my announcement post. So update time! Has it got any better? Absolutely! Has it gone away? Oh hell no. Even though it’s gotten a bit more bearable, it’s still one of the most horrible things ever. I’ve lost about 2 stone maybe? Which in pregnancy isn’t healthy but I feel like it’s the weight that probably needed to come off me. Now I’m into my second trimester, my blood pressure has been a bit low and I’m still dehydrated according to my consultant, but I’m really trying to stay out of the hospital with it! I’m also on anti-sickness meds, I was first on tablets but with the constant vomiting, I would go to take them and would instantly gag/need to be sick, so was switched to ones that melt in your mouth. The past week I’ve found them successful but now we’re at the end of the week…yeah, it has gone backward, but I’m hoping it’s just because the baby will now start kicking!!














Cravings have definitely intensified. The thing with having HG is, that you get a lot of aversions in comparison to cravings. Aversions basically mean you avoid a lot of food, even foods you may have enjoyed pre-pregnancy, and they tend to last a few years after giving birth too. For example, pre-pregnancy I really enjoyed Pepsi Max and was of course Pollotarian. When my pregnancy started (although I wasn’t fully aware), I started going off meat and caffeine altogether. I stopped drinking tea, Pepsi Max, eating brown bread, eating chicken, which was very strange to me. But now it makes sense since I’m pregnant. Aversions can also be hearing about certain things, for example, if someone mentions a food they’re about to eat/eats in front of me it can really make me feel nauseous and need to exit the conversation and/or the room. However, it can also make me want things even more! Since I was around 16 weeks, my cravings have increased a bit. I do enjoy anything potato based or orange flavoured extremely, especially mash and orange flavoured water. I’ve also got a craving for sweets, especially sour or hard sweets. Have I tried eating them? No, but I will! HG hasn’t really stopped me actually eating, I will still try and eat, it just usually means I eat a lot less and/or take about 2 hours to actually finish a meal (I was already a slow eater but now it’s even worse!)






Mental Health and Chronic Illness




Pregnancy is no joke. Since around 14 weeks, my anxiety has definitely heightened. There have been some mornings where I’ve woke up and I really believe I’m not pregnant anymore. I get this feeling in my stomach like I’m no longer pregnant. Of course, 10 minutes later I’ve got my head over the sink, sore breasts and pains in my knees and I’m like “oh there the baby is!”, but my anxiety definitely takes a toll on my day. I’ve become extremely sensitive to anything anyone says to me, and will think about it all day, even the way someone speaks to me gets me really anxious now, and even though it would of before pregnancy, it’s definitely worse now. On the other hand, I feel like it also gives me a bit more confidence. Maybe it’s because I’m about to be a mum, and “A happy mother = a happy baby” so my body is trying to tell me “You need to look after yourself too”, so I’m trying to get myself out a bit more, enjoy things more and be more positive! It’s just the random bouts of anxiety in the morning that really annoy me.


I have seen a flare-up in some of my chronic illnesses, but again, when you have a few you never know which one to tackle! I feel like my Asthma is a little flared, but I feel like that’s to do with the weather change (Is it just here that’s been lovely and sunny lately?) and the low blood pressure. Of course, being pregnant can flare up any condition (spoonies take note, it can get worse when carrying a little crotch goblin – I say with love) and I’ve had a few migraines here and there. I’ve had a UTI, yeast infection, little stomach bug, but with being pregnant I’ve managed to stay away from antibiotics/meds (even though prescribed, the HG just makes swallowing tablets unbearable) and recovered quite quickly.









  • Started shopping? Erm yes! I couldn’t wait!
  • Am I having a baby shower? Hm…probably not. I’d feel bad for not inviting people even if I didn’t want them there, so I rather just avoid it. Unless someone wants to organize one…but I’m happy just going about the pregnancy without one.
  • Will we find out the gender? Yes! Well…Daniel wanted to find out at first, and then I reached 16 weeks and said “Oh come on then let’s pay to do it privately!” but he changed his mind. Now I’m hoping he’s changed it again in the next 2 weeks because I’m dying to know!
  • I am rhesus negative. How great right? Not! This basically means, if the baby has a different blood type to me (Rhesus Positive), I have to have injections later on in the pregnancy and afterward. Yay! (I have a phobia of needles).
  • What am I doing about University? I tried ringing my department about my options (deferring/online classes) but couldn’t get through, so sent an email to the head of the department but no one has got back to me yet. Hoping to speak to someone soon!
  • Hopefully, we will have our own house by the time the baby is here too and I am so excited!
  • I heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time last week and it was amazing! Kind of scary how long it took the consultant to find it but seems like the baby is upside down (Would be me of course.)
How are you all? Have you gone through this yourself? Leave me your pregnancy advice/tips down below! Keep it nice please! (No ginger/peppermint advice. Seriously, it’s not helpful with HG.)
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