Product Review: I Heart Revolution Chocolate Orange Palette

The first review of 2018 and I’m so excited! Today I’ll be reviewing the Chocolate Orange palette by I Heart Makeup! I Heart Makeup is a brand owned by Tam Beauty, who also own Makeup Revolution, and they make the “revolutionary” chocolate palettes! Similar to that by Too Faced!
The chocolate orange palette was released just before Christmas, and I was so eager to try it!
The palette’s design is brown, with orange dripping chocolate which I love! Inside there are 16 shades with 6 shimmers and 10 matte eyeshadows! All colours match the chocolate orange theme, which I love! Although this palette would suit a more autumnal look, it’s definitely an addition to my everyday makeup! The mirror size is great, and the palette is a great travel size to throw into your bag! Another plus is the great scent that comes off the palette. Every other palette (a part from the Mint) smells like chocolate, and while cool can be very sickening. This palette smells more like satsumas (if you have The Body Shop Satsuma body butter, it smells very similar!) which I love!

The pigmentation of this palette is definitely a step up for I Heart Makeup! Although I’m a keen collector of their palettes, I feel like the Chocolate Orange palette has a different formula compared to past ones, making it more creamy, I feel the shimmers can go on easier, and don’t have to wet my brush (although I still do because, I want that extra shimmer!)
This picture was edited to show the swatches in more natural light, compared to under my lights to take this picture!
I wore this eyeshadow to my boyfriend’s nans on Boxing Day! I created a halo type look, and got a lot of compliments for it!
The palette retails for £8.99, which is an absolute bargain! And it can be bought from Superdrug and Tam Beauty! I would highly recommend this palette to anyone with a love for warm or autumnal colours! There also some cool shades to work with, but can make various looks! Also the orange pigments would certaintly bring out any blue eyes!

Do you have this palette? What do you think of it? Or thinking of buying it? Leave a comment below!

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