Product Review: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

*Disclaimer; This product was sent to me as a gift. The views in this review are of my own and not influenced by third parties such as NARS themselves.

Picture of the NARS bottle.

Time for a change! And today I’m going to be reviewing the NARS All Day foundation! This is actually my only high end foundation, and the first high end product I’ll have reviewed on my blog (apart from Clinique) that I am actively using. 

Packaging; The foundation is encased in a glass bottle. The bottle is 30ML so holds a lot of product. It has a pump function which makes it easy to put the product straight onto your face or control how much you use. The only downside to the pump (see pictures below) is, it is very easy for the pump to get the top dirty, leaving the pump covered in product.

Product; I was given the lightest shade of the foundation named Siberia. The shade is meant to be the lightest neutral colour, although I feel there is more pink tones in this foundation, which is okay for me! Some people say they see more yellow tones, which I can see in the bottle, but once on skin I can see more pink tones. The feel is very mousse at first, but is also very creamy and light. 

Swatch of the foundation

In relation to coverage, it’s very light (duh! it’s weightless), however it is buildable, and works great with a good primer. I found it was best using a beauty blender, rather than a brush. With a brush, it tended to go streaky, but with a blender it took all product and evenly spread it out. Although “luminous” would suggest a dewy finish, I felt the foundation would dry more matte, but definitely left a glow on the highlighted features (upper cheek bones).

I tend to only use foundation on my busy days, to hide blemishes and dark circles, and this foundation does last long days. It does attach to dry patches after several hours, but can be easily fixed with powder. 

Price: Although I was sent this, the price of this foundation is £34 (£35 on certain sites). Although this is quite pricey, and I would begrudge buying this for myself, it’s the best foundation I’ve found for me, so I would make the price worth it. It’s also the lightest foundation I’ve found for my skin, that I haven’t had to use lightening drops with. 

Selfie with Snapchat (Ameslou24) Filter, highlights smoothness of foundation with full face.

Where to buy; You can buy this foundation via the NARS website, Feel Unique and House of Fraser.

Dupes? I have not found any dupes for this foundation from my collection. If you have, leave a comment down below! Or if you use this foundation, do you like it?

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