Products I Hate – May 2017

*This review is using products that I myself bought, and of my own views. This is not slating any particular brands, and doesn’t mean I do not buy further products from these companies, that I love! I also write these blogs as a running commentary. If you would like to donate to me getting a good camera to vlog, please donate here

Inspired by the wonderful SophDoesNails, i decided to do a blog post about products I hate, or probably couldn’t rate out of 10 stars, if asked! I thought it would be fun to highlight the products that are in the shoe box for “selling/throw away” in my room, that just never suited me or weren’t all that great for the hype.

MUA Luxe Power Brow 3 In 1 Brow Definer – Fair

I bought this brow pencil, with the HOPE it would be great. At the time, I was going through this “pencil” brow phase and I didn’t really want to try a pomade (I had Anastasia Dip Brow as a present, I don’t know why I didn’t try it…until  now?). With having Fair hair, I went with the Fair colour, although my Superdrug had none for me to check the colour, I predicted it would be best!

Opening the product, it was a 3 in 1 (yes, I didn’t know! Yikes!) and it comes with the pencil product, a brush and a…smudger? Personally the colour was more Ash Grey than for Fair hair. I was expecting something more warm or closer to a mousy colour, which would of been perfect. The brush is very hard, and physically hurt to put through my eyebrow hairs, and I didn’t quite understand the smudger? And it didn’t work either.

This product was £4, which is fair for getting a 3 in 1. However, with Freedom’s Pomade being £5, I would much rather pay the extra £1 for that instead. 

Overall, the product didn’t satisfy me, and I decided to give pomade a go. If anything, thankyou to this product for showing me how good a pomade can be!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics – Lipgloss Bundle. (Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend + Carousel)

I got these lip glosses as a Christmas present, and was so excited! I never really watched Tanya on Youtube, but loved her on Instagram, and these two glosses looked ideal for me at the time. At first glance, the pink one was perfect. I was going through a pink element, and sometimes I will! However, I grown to throw them in my “box of horrors”.

Product wise, the glosses are too…tacky for me? Right word? As any gloss is sticky and not meant to sit nicely on lips, these glosses were too sticky. I felt uncomfortable wearing them. But, this was the only issue with them I could find when wearing them. The colours are nice, and especially on the top of a lipstick. In the end, I just grew to love other products, and the formula was not right for me and the colours! 

Edit: While writing this I saw that Tanya had re-edited her lip glosses, along with the formula, so I may have to compare! 

Clinique Eyeshadows!

Everyone will know how much I admire and promote Clinique. The brand that got me through my teen years, never reaching that acne phase due to their skincare. But that seems to be the only thing I like about their brand. (Minus their mascara, which is pretty good.) Not only the fact that they have only 3 shades in their Airbrush concealer (shocking!), but their eyeshadows have let me down! I started exploring eyeshadows when I was 16, as I was never adventurous in high school. My mum passed me some Clinique eyeshadows she had never worn, and I was excited. Yet so let down. 

The packaging is nothing special coming with 3 eyeshadows/4 eyeshadows in their series and a brush, but fits the Clinique branding of “clean”, “white”, “pure” etc. The pigmentation was very disappointing. It is not stated anywhere, that these eyeshadows were to be built up, and the pigmentation isn’t very good nor blendable.

The price can range between £25-£35 for these palettes, and I cannot believe the money could of been spent on one full palette, compared to 4 little ones. Although Clinique does brilliant lotion and toner, the makeup is lacking.

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner – Black 1.

The Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner is a Staple for many. Seeing many people suggest this as not only cheap but a quality eyeliner, disappointed me. Standing at £2.99, for an eyeliner anyone would go crazy for a good makeup product at that price. Collection have many good things ranging from mascara, lipsticks and their famous lasting perfection concealer. But this eyeliner is a no-go for me!

The product’s packaging, is completely weird, and for me, hard to use. The wand is very bulky, and hard to hold. It is too long with the actual useful bit being covered by a rounded ending, making it hard to see where you’re drawing and what not. The product it’s self, is too fast drying. Maybe this is why it’s called Fast Stroke, as you have to get it on as a fast as you can before it dries. Not great for a winged eyeliner that may take someone (like myself) a while to get that perfect wing! Personally for me, it’s staying in the box of horrors!

New Look Eyelashes – Extreme Impact

Finally, I am a sucker for big eyelashes! Although having hooded eyes can really affect how I wear my glasses with them on, I just can’t help loving the feel of extra long lashes! These, on the other hand disappointed me.

Not only do they feel very fake, but they just didn’t sit well on me. Any pair of lashes takes me a good 10-20 minutes to put on perfectly after cutting, sizing and crying! But these did not like me at all. After an hour of trying a pair, I gave up in a bout of frustration and decided I hate these lashes. My duo glue is perfect, don’t judge it!

The price of these lashes are £3.14 (for a student), and comes with 2 pairs, which for the price is great! But these lashes can stay in the box…I’ll stick to Wispies!

I could go on, but I think there’s quite a lot of products sitting in my box I could go through! So these products are the ones I personally won’t go back to. I can’t say the same for the brands, because they do have some fabulous products! If you like these products at all, or want to tell me your least favourites, I’d love to know!

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