Race For Life 21st June 2015

So yes, i barely post but this is so important to me!

Link: https://www.justgiving.com/raceforlifeforritadutt

On the 21st of June, Me and 19 other girls are taking part in the 5k race for life marathon😀 Obviously not running(pft who runs anymore?¿) We’re all just going to walk and take our time!
Our motive:
As most of us are part of the family, our motive is our precious Nanna Rita! Rita died on the 26th July 2007 of bowel cancer and kidney failure. We believe she is everyone’s guardian angel as she was the perfect nan/wife/sister and mother💓 Personally i remember her for her cup of teas which she would prefer for me every day after school😓💗
Anyway, I would love some support from everyone out there! Especially the people that actually follow me or read my
blog! Now you can donate anonymously so dont worry if I dont know you😌 Also every little helps💗 Any donation is an amazing donation!
Tbh i didnt post this to just gain sponsorship I did this for everyone who has lost someone to cancer! Cancer Research UK are amazing and are that one step closer with donations to the source of cancer and cure 🌸
Please donate, if not to my sponsorship then to the charity! Any charity! Do a good deed today!
Cancer, we’re coming to get you!💪🏼

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