Resonant Botanicals – Invigorate Review!*

“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. “

“Partners on your natural path” – Picture was taken by myself.

Courtesy of Resonant Botanicals, I received this full-sized product at the beginning of September! This product is from the Invigorate range dedicated to pain relief in those with chronic illnesses! Resonant Botanicals believe in “pain and anxiety without using prescription medications, all of which contain isolated molecules that can be synthesized (and patented).” Personally, I have never tried something natural to help with my chronic pain. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been in and out of hospital care since I was young, or because I was always so scared to try something new. But thank you to Resonant, for allowing me to give this a go while reviewing it!


The product comes in a “pump” type container, in a metal type material. The design of the product is very simple however is due to change with being new! However, the design would not hinder me from buying it!


The price for this product ranges from $20-$55 depending on size. For something that is natural herbs and other things, this is not surprising nor is it expensive! Although you can get many similar creams from the drugstore, if you want an all-natural product, you pay the price for this goodness and paying for the quality! The $20 is also travel-sized, perfect to put in your purse, which may be better when us spoonies are out on the go!

Purpose and Thoughts:

Invigorate is described on the website for the use of relieving joint pain and anxiety felt via pain in the body. My first impression of the product was that it was very cooling. Recently I have been suffering from tendinitis in my shoulders and feet, but also quite bad pain in my wrists due to chronic joint pain. On the bottle, it’s stated to put in areas of pain, and on your abdomen for systematic relief, in which I did! Once putting it on my wrists, it felt very cooling. After several minutes, my wrists felt soothed, although not taking away full pain in my wrist, it put it at ease! For the purpose of anxiety, I don’t believe it made any difference to mine except when easing my anxiety about my wrist pain. With a longer use, I found the product very soothing and started to use on more areas such as my shoulders, even suggesting my father with Osteoarthritis to use it. 

Who should use it:

Anyone who suffers from joint pain or systematic pain, I would 100% recommend this to! However, I would not recommend this for anyone buying in the resort of anxiety. It may be possible that another one of Resonant’s products may be more suited for that, but this product is better in relieving joint tension! This product includes the ingredient MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) which may be more helpful in those suffering from joint conditions such as Hypermobility/EDS & Arthritis. (Read more on the product page!)

In comparison to other joint relief creams, it’s definitely the best I’ve tried so far! While the smell was a bit off-putting (completely normal with the ingredients in it plus when you suffer from chronic nausea, anything can make you feel sick!), the product it’s self sits happily next to my bed for those morning creaks and daily stiffness! In the future, I may possibly purchase the travel size for when this chronic illness girl is on the go!

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