Rosehip Organic Cold Pressed Oil Review*

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Rosehip Oil - Pure and Natural Australian Certified, Organic Cold Pressed. 30ML - Rosehip Plus +

Oil has never been a big part of my skincare routine, even with having dry skin. I typically hate the feeling it leaves when you’re waiting for it to sink in, so never really reach for oil-based products. However, I was kindly gifted this product by Sparkle PR for Rosehip Plus, which is an Australian skincare brand. 

To start the packaging is very simple, and the box fits the size of the bottle, which makes it great for recycling purchases. I personally dislike when a product has a box with 30% or more space which is unnecessary. It also contains the instructions, ingredients and things it may help on the box, which I believe is great as it means no separate pieces of paper involved. Ingredients include Certified Organic Rosa Canina Seed Oil and Tocopherol which are included in many other brand’s skincare products such as The Ordinary. 


“Rosehip Plus ROSEHIP oil may help:– Reduce the appearance of stretchmarks and scars– Maintain Skin Hydration and softness– Improve appearance of dry and sensitive skin– Minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles– Promotes skin elasticity and texture”

The bottle is very much expected, as it is an Australian brand, I get an Australian “outback” vibe from the design, and it is very pretty and petite. The pipette is also interesting, as it is more so curved at the bottom, which I’m guessing allows for minimal spillage, and as you don’t need a lot, allows for precise drops.

Firstly I tried the product on my hand, as I have quite a sensitive face when it comes to anything, I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t receive a reaction on my hands. It’s a very oily product (well duh), but once rubbed in, it made my hands quite soft. The smell is quite interesting, as it smells very raw, it’s not a very appealing scent. After wearing it for a day, my hands seemed to be quite smooth and didn’t feel oily, which with many oily products I’ve tried before, usually last all day making it uncomfortable, whereas this didn’t. The following day, I started trying it under my eyes, as that’s where I find my skin to be the most prone to dryness. The feeling of oil was uncomfortable for around 1 hour or so and quickly subsided. I only put it on before bedtime, as I don’t like wearing the oil of a day or before doing makeup. Once waking up I found my face feeling softer and as if my textures had a new layer. After using it for about a week, I found it helpful with the dryness, however not the best product I’ve used to combat my dry/sensitive skin. Although, I did find it helped skin elasticity and texture.

The product is around $29.95 AUSD (£25 on UK Amazon) and can be found on the Rosehip Plus Website and Amazon UK. Overall I think this product would be good for anyone combating scars/stretch marks, or maybe having an issue with skin tightening. For dry skin, I would probably recommend more of a cream-based product, rather than this.

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