Broken Up? How To Continue Being Wonderful Parents While Separated*


Becoming a parent is the greatest sensation you’ll ever have the pleasure of feeling. It’s unlike anything else that you’ll ever go through. It is, after all, our one and only goal in life that we’re biologically put on the earth to do – the other meanings of life are all up for debate! While it’s quite a demanding job, it’s one that has many, many rewards, and every single parent on the planet knows this. 


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It’s a demanding job for parents that are together and working as a team 24/7. It’s an even more demanding job for parents that are together no longer or were never together in the first place. While this isn’t much of an issue and not something anyone should be ashamed of, it’s still a job that nobody really expects to have thrust into their life. Instead of sharing the burden comfortably, you’re kind of stuck fending for yourself. If you’re currently in this predicament and you aren’t sure about how to behave, then here are a few tips for you:

Remember That The Kids Are More Important Than Anything

You’ll have your own problems going on, as everyone in life does. As a parent, though, you’ll have to put them to the back of your mind and focus on the biggest priority in your life. You might not be a big fan of your partner right now, but at the end of the day, you two made a child happen, so you need to focus on that little human (or humans). In an ever-growing family, you need to give constant love and support. It’s easy to lose this focus and then blame your partner for a few things, but please resist this childish notion and do what’s best for the little one(s).

Handle Formalities Maturely 

If you’re looking to figure out how to proceed in terms of custody and other legal formalities, then things can sometimes get a little tense and hairy. Don’t let this become too much of a problem. Legal battles and awkward situations like these can have lasting issues that affect more than just you two. Make sure you hop online and find a reputable and experienced firm, like Bannister Preston, in order to deal with family laws – get things handled swiftly and without strain.

Be Pleasant With One Another

If you’re sensible with each other, or the breakup and amicable, then you won’t have to worry about this idea. If there is a little tension between the two of you, then you’ll need to reconcile any issues and make sure you’re back in each other’s good books. For goodness sake, it’s not just for your own minds, but for the children’s minds, too. Imagine what they’ll think as they grow up seeing their parents showing disdain for one another – they’ll see that as pretty normal. Lots of kids grow up with that kind of mentality, and it’s never great for them going forward. 

Come Up With A Firm And Organised Plan

You need a plan for pretty much everything in life, and childminding is another one of those things. Write out a weekly schedule – don’t just expect things to happen as and when you say. It gets a little awkward when you make things up as you go along. Work out what’s good for the pair of you, and what’s good for anyone else that may be stepping in. 



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