September Rose – ENVY Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

I bought this product working in a partnership with September Rose. All opinions in this review are of my own, and not influenced by this company.

Thankyou to September Rose for bringing out such a beautiful palette! Known for creating palettes similiar to that of Morphe, Crown, and many more! September Rose have put their own stamp on these rumours, creating different palettes and taking over many people’s words! The reason I bought this ENVY palette, is for the beautiful look of it. Already having their Neutral Fall palette, I was excited to try a different one!

Packaging; The packaging of the product is very simple, possibly cheap? It’s plastic which for someone clumsy like me, it seems like if I dropped it, it would possibly snap! However, I personally enjoyed the see through screen being able to see the colours through, making it easier for prettier pictures!

However, something that I really wish they included was the ingredients, as the back of the palette is very plain, and could add there. Of course you can see the ingredients on their website, many brands include them on the back of the products, and I believe it could of been beneficial!

My fave shades!

Product; The product it’s self is well worth the money! You get 35 shadows, a mixture of matte, high pear and shimmer! There is a good range of green, browns and orange which all match to suit each other including two pale base colours. The way the colours are set out could be better, as I would prefer the oranges to be in rows along the greens, but this may be strategic to putting looks together?

The eye shadows feel very good quality, and the pigmentation is brilliant, only needing a slight sweep of the brush to take colour. 

The only downside, is the colours take a lot of strength to blend and feel stiff, which can really hurt! For me personally, I stick to the orange tones, due to having green eyes, the green shades seem to wash my out.

FYI; I am not a MUA. Eyeshadow is NOT my forte! 

Compared to this, they are very pigmented without primer, with the lighter shades being able to be used as a base. 

I also wish the palette came with an insert, or one to download as with it being such a pretty palette I wish it had pretty names for the colours!

Price; The price of this product is £14.99, which you can’t resist for the product you get! However I wish it had a mirror, as there are a lot of similiar palettes that may cost less with one. It also makes it awkward to take out with you due to no mirror. However, you can’t fault the price! And compared to it’s competitors, you can’t fault it at the end of the day.

Would I recommend this palette? 100%! I would recommend any palette from September Rose. The pigmentation is great, you get good quality for a decent price and their pros outweigh their cons! If you’re looking for some autumnal greens and burnt oranges, get this palette!

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