Handling the setbacks of moving home*

There are so many setbacks to moving home. You could be one of the lucky people who breeze through every move in life. Whether it’s a dating move, deciding to start a family, sometimes life just goes well for people. But it can all fall apart when it comes to buying a home, especially with the way that the world is being at the minute. The world is not only descending into chaos in every aspect but the process of buying a new home and selling the one you’re in now, if you’re in one, has never been more complicated than it is now. Because there is usually a chain involved everything has to marry up, and you’re lucky if that happens. So instead you’re stuck with a nightmare or two that can leave you pulling your hair out. Moving home is stressful enough as it is, but the setbacks can cause a huge problem. If you’re moving with a family this is even more true. So if you keep on reading we’ll show you how to handle some of the setbacks you might be facing.

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When They Cost Money

It’s no secret that moving house costs a lot of money. Whether you’re saving to move out and buy your first house now, or whether you’re moving for the second or third time, you will know that it is an expensive game. A lot of the time you’re stressing to get the money together to make sure that the move can come sooner rather than later. Once you get the need to really move home, you get the need to really move home! But if setbacks are beginning to cost you money they are some things that you can do. The first is to work with your solicitor to quickly iron out any issues. Some people also benefit from moving into friends and families to try and save money. The rent would be so reduced and money could be put into solving the issues that are happening.

House Clashes

House clashes are always going to happen when you have a chain. A chain is when the person you’re buying the house off is moving into a new home, and so the chain begins. Everyone has to be ready to move at the same time and it doesn’t often happen. To make life a lot easier, you could utilise self-storage so that you have somewhere to store all of your goods. If you are having to move out of your home before your next one is ready, you’re going to temporarily need somewhere else to put them. You can also use the time to make sure you’re properly planning for the move.

Issues When You Move In

The nightmare might not be over even when you move into your home. One of the biggest that people face is issues with their heating, water, and generally just bills. If you’re having to transfer them over and start new contracts it can just be a mare to do. Plus, there might be problems with the home that you didn’t know about before. All we can say is take it in your stride and fix things one problem at a time. My biggest issue when moving in was the sorting each individual room out. Oh my gosh, it was so hard to get the motivation (especially with a new baby) to decorate and organise. But we’re getting the hang of it; even if it means the odd item just chilling somewhere where it shouldn’t be till we get to it; even 6 months down the line.


Do you have any advice for new homeowners?

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