Skincare Routine – May 2016

As a teen, it can be extremely annoying getting spots. Why are we subjected to deal with these vile things just because we’re at the peak of our life? I rather not suffer with spots when I have so many important things that involve drinking coming up. However, that’s the thing; I’ve never suffered with spots. Of course, I’ve suffered with eczema, but it has always been on my arms and legs, and within my scalp. But my face has remained quite baby like. I’m 19 so of course I dont expect my face to be completely covered with wrinkles and age lines but all my friends seemed to go through a phase of acne, creams, not wanting to leave the house because of a spot they got on their forehead.

 I’ve had my fare share of cold sores due to my immune system lacking, but I’m always given compliments for my skin. “Aren’t you 14” “You have such a smooth skin”. Now the last one doesn’t count for my endless dry skin issues, my massive pores and panda eyes after a night out. But there are some products I can really count on, that have helped me since I was 12. And majority – or should I say all, are from Clinique. My mum has used clinique since she was 16 due to skin issues, so I was forced, or recommended to use it too. And I am not sorry that I am able to use clinique.

1. Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask.

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A great starter before a bath, or just in general before starting the next parts of the skin care routine. You simply slather a thin layer onto your pore areas (such as the nose, T section, chin and upper cheek bones). Wait 5 minutes and rinse! Of course, you’d have to continuely use this for it to have an effect, but I find it really refreshing once you’ve took your makeup off, and about to get a bath and can have it on, while you wash up!

2. Liquid Facial Soap (Mild)
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Now this soap is extremely refreshing after the mask, and the next in my routine. It helps remove any makeup you’ve missed and runs a similiar routine as the mask does. Rub it all over your face, leave it for about 2 minutes and rinse! It can come in various forms, depending on your skin. As my skin is quite sensitive I started with 1 (mild) and in a bottle form, whereas my mum uses the soap form. Once rinsed, your skin feels ready for some moisturiser.

3. Moisture Surge

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Now this is a most needed product! Especially if you have dried out skin, flakey skin. This is moisture surge. It’s the third step of your skincare routine which is a must before normal moisturiser! It has a nice watery texture, which allows for your skin to be hydrated. It’s also a really nice to put on a few minutes before your makeup, as your skin doesn’t feel as “cakey”.

4. Super-Defense Triple Action Moisturiser 

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You could leave out this, but it’s better to have a flat moisturiser after such a watery one. And what better than a super defense one! This moisturiser is easy to apply, you only need a little bit to cover certain parts of your face and helps rejuvenate any aggressors!

5. All About Eyes

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Now this isn’t really that necessary at this age, but you’ve got to be sure to keep the eyes well. Our eyes are the most likely to be covered in third party things such as makeup, eyelashes, dust etc, and age faster than anything. As a teen who conquers stress, my eyes are aging faster than anything! All about eyes, allows for that to slow down, and you can’t see any stress bags/puffy eyes. It really helps as a primer for eye makeup also, and perfect to put on before bed!

I hope this was helpful for some! And don’t be afraid to leave questions in the commments section!

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