Solving your Sun Skin Problems*

Direct sun exposure is necessary for your body to produce vitamin D. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, direct sun exposure means bad news. We all know the cliché of Britons on a summer holiday, turning bright red on the beach. Chances are that weeks spent under lockdown would have made the whole probleù worse, as your skin doesn’t have sufficient everyday exposure to be ready for sunny days. Unfortunately, at the pace things are going, we can expect to come out of lockdown in the UK at the peak of the summer sun weather. If you’re going to make the most of the sunny days out of lockdown to replenish your vitamin D deficiency, it’s important to consider adequate skin protection first. Hat and sunglasses are a no-brainer. However, you may want to consider additional skin products that are dedicated to solving sun-related skin issues. 

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It dries out your skin

Life under lockdown puts your skin through a lot of pressure. Our indoor air can lack moisture, especially when the heating is on – and, let’s be honest; the heating has been on for most of the lockdown period so far! As a result, the low percentage of humidity in the air can dry out your skin. If you don’t nourish your skin with dedicated serums and oils ahead of the summer season, you might struggle with excessive dryness in the hot weather. It can be a little tricky to find the right moisturising product that is absorbed quickly by the skin without leaving any greasy residue. The best advice you can get is to start your quest for a nourishing serum as early as possible! 

It adds brown spots on your face and hands 

Brown spots on your hands and face are often related to age. But, in reality, these sunspots can affect anyone who spends excessive time in the sun. Don’t be tempted to skip your protective gear. Your skin isn’t prepared for prolonged sun exposure, which means that you’re more likely to develop dark soft on the soft and fragile areas of your face and hands. Finding the best cream for pigmentation can be the right approach for sensitive skin. Nevertheless, remember that if you want to remove brown spots, you need to use pigmentation cream alongside sunscreen protection! 

Your sun cream sparks an outbreak 

While we all know that SPF lotions are not optional, it can be tempting to skip the whole sticky and unfriendly process. SPFs can be known to cause acne breakouts because the thick substance clogs up your pores. Additionally, after having spent several weeks exposed to indoor air pollution, your pores are likely to clog up quickly and easily. In other words, this year’s events make you more likely to develop breakouts if you don’t choose a skin-friendly sunscreen. Clinique is a brand you can trust for oil-free and light texture SPF. If you’ve got naturally oily skin, try Skinceuticals sunscreen protection which is non-comedogenic. It leaves your pores free and your skin protected. 

This year is going to see a peak in skin complaints once we get out of lockdown. However, you can get ahead of the curve and prepare your skin for extreme sun exposure. Dry skin, sensitive skin, and oily skin all need suitable care before heading back to the sunny days. 

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