Soph X Revolution “Extra Spice” Eyeshadow Palette Review

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I haven’t done a beauty review in ages, and with Christmas coming up, I thought I best get some done! Now, this palette isn’t very new, and it is quite popular. But my last Soph products reviews went so well, I just had to do this one also! This is the Soph X Revolution “Extra Spice” palette*, which is the second eyeshadow palette in the Soph range. It was also released with 3 lipsticks (which I haven’t bought…I don’t know why!). 

First Impressions
The palette is very well put together. The colours all seem to go well together, and with it’s release in Summer, it is a very Summery palette, while also could be considered a fall palette with the burgundy and orange shades. I also like that it has a large mirror, plus the names actually on the palette rather than an insert, making it easier to remember!

Swatches and Pigment
The colours in this palette are absolutely beautiful. They’re 100% my favourite colours to use (see above), and there are so many looks you can do with it. This palette is definitely a step up from the last one, especially when it comes to packaging and formula. I feel like the formula is more creamy, and the pigmentation is a bit more intense and blendable. I also like how some shades, like cookie dough, are very subtle but give good colour pay off at the same time!

Using the palette
Personally, for me, I use around 10 shades in this palette, which makes it very usable! It’s a great day and night palette, so it can get a lot of use out of it. You can see above, a natural everyday look for me (if I decide to wear eyeshadow) and I love how they go on to the eyes. It also doesn’t take a lot of product to create a look.


More Information:
Cost: £10 (Currently £7 on Superdrug and Beauty Bay!)
Rating: 9/10

Do you own this palette? Or anything from the Soph range? What do you think?


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