Soph X Revolution Highlighter Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

I bought this product from Makeup Revolution at Tam Beauty. All opinions in this review are of my own, and not influenced by this company.

Long awaited (well only 3 days), the Soph highlighter palette is up! And here for you to read! Of course the Soph X Eyeshadow palette (read my review here.) beat expectations, but does the highlight palette match the same?

Packaging; Just like the eye shadow, the highlighters are encased in a nude/beige case, which is PERFECT! I’m sorry but I am just loving this packaging! It’s not only modern, but suits any aesthetic!

It’s perfect to slip into any bag, for the top ups on the go! However, you would have to accompany a mirror with this so could never take it on it’s own. But I’m sure not many let it leave it’s eyeshadow sister’s side!

Product; Many would look at this palette and see it as a possible dupe for the Sleek Solstice palette. Well I can tell you, it’s not. They look similar but once you swatch or see it in natural light, you can tell it one of Soph’s individual designs and the Makeup Revolution formula! The highlights are SO pigmented. My favourite being the one on the darker end (top right). Although it looks dark in the pan, it goes on as a gold subtle shimmer, and gives a lovely look! Alongside the white toned (top left) which looks bright, but gives a duo-chrome gold type shimmer. There are only two shades I would likely never wear in this palette (the middle two brown colours) unless I wanted a sparkly contour! The colours are great and go on nicely!

The feel of the highlighters is soft, which with many can feel chalky but these sweep nicely when swatched or with a brush. You only need the slightest bit of product to get a good glow, and with two creates a gleam on your face! With there being large pans, this means you get worthwhile out of this palette!

Top Row to Bottom Row.

Price; The price for this highlighter palette is £8. Yes, EIGHT POUND. With £1 per shadow! The size of the pans certaintly makes it worth it.

Would I recommend this palette? And to who?
Of course I would! The price makes it affordable, and for 8 shades would you say no? I would recommend this to any skin type/tone too, as many of the colours can suit any which is fab! I would also recommend buying the eyeshadow palette alongside it, as they go so nicely together!

Where to buy?
Superdrug or Tam Beauty.

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