3 Ways To Get Instant Relief From A Sore Throat*

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Sore throats are incredibly common and can be a massive pain. Sometimes, they’re bad enough to stop you from eating certain foods as it feels like you’re swallowing razor blades! Other times you get mild discomfort, but it’s still annoying and can impact the rest of your day. 

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Regardless of how severe your sore throat is, you shouldn’t ignore it. It’s never a good idea to ignore any health issues, be it physical or mental health. If you’ve had a sore throat that’s lasted for more than a few days and isn’t getting any better, then you need to take some action. Obviously, phone your doctor if the problem continues to persist! But, there are a few remedies and treatments you can try at home to find some relief. 

Honey & Lemon Warm Drink

Honey and lemon is the perfect combination for someone with a sore throat. Honey is very sweet and can naturally soothe the pain in your throat. It provides instant relief when you drink it with hot water. The warmth from the water also acts to soothe your throat. Adding lemon juice into this mixture will provide additional benefits. Lemon is proven to help with sore throats as it adds some extra healing powers and is really good at breaking up mucus. This helps you clear your throat passageway and find instant relief. Just make sure you don’t use boiling water with this concoction! It needs to be relatively hot, but not hot enough to burn your mouth as this will cause more problems. My family actually swear by adding some whiskey. Of course, if you don’t drink that’s okay but it makes for a good nightcap!

Suck On Some Lozenges

Another simple solution that requires minimal effort on your behalf. Lozenges are basically hard-boiled sweets with medicinal properties. Here, you need to get your hands on something like the Honey and Lemon Strepsils that provide targeted relief for your sore throat. Again, we’ve got the honey and lemon combination here! The difference between a lozenge and a drink is that you suck on the lozenge for a long time. As such, this forces you to produce saliva, which can be used to almost lubricate your throat. Many people feel like their throat is dry and hoarse when it’s sore, so this is a great way to naturally keep it moist. As a result, you should see a reduction in pain almost instantly. 

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Gargle Saltwater

This is by far and away from the least comfortable option out of the three, but it still works. Gargling saltwater has been proven to help with a sore throat. Why? Because the salt almost acts as a magnet that pulls out all the mucus that’s stuck in your throat. This clears it, while also removing a lot of bacteria that are stuck in the mucus and causing further issues. It’s not the prettiest thing to do, and it will taste very salty, but you should feel a difference right away. It’s always worth trying out a combination of all three options to give your throat the best treatment possible. 

Why is your throat sore?

While trying these remedies can provide instant relief from a sore throat, it’s important to figure out why your throat is sore, to begin with. Unfortunately, this is such a common health problem that there are loads of possible causes!  To self-diagnose your problem, think about any other symptoms you might have. Do you feel tired? Is your nose blocked? Does your head hurt? Do you generally feel quite ill? If so, then you probably have a cold or flu. In which case, try these remedies while also resting and waiting for the virus to leave your body. 

Is your nose really runny? Do your eyes itch? Are you sneezing a lot? This is a sign that your sore throat may be down to allergies. Also, think about when this sore throat happens – does it always come around in the summer? If so, then you probably have hayfever and need some treatment for your allergies alongside these remedies. Then, we have more severe issues like tonsillitis and strep throat. If your throat is very painful and you struggle to swallow, then you may have a problem like this. If none of the remedies works and you’re still having issues after more than a week, then go and see your doctor! 

Overall, the three ideas laid out in this article can help ease the symptoms of a sore throat. They aren’t cures – most sore throats go away on their own. Try a combination of all three of these ideas alongside other medication or recommendations from your doctor. 


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