Spoonie Perfect Apps!

Smartphones are essential today in society, and usually people choose apps that have an advantage in their life. But what about us spoonies? There are some fabulous apps out there for us and majority of us, never even knew! So here are our top spoonie style apps!
A app that gives you tools to address depression, anxiety and stress based on cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, relaxation and health. Voted the best app for anyone living with anxiety, whether that be diagnosed anxiety, general or health anxiety. It truly is an amazing app. Record how you’re feeling everyday, ranging from “Great” to “Awful” and include your detailed feelings (nauseous, fatigued, depressed, anxious). You can also record times, such as Menstrual Cycle, Time spent with Family, Friends, and then your weekly progress is emailed to you. It helps you keep track of yourself. You can also do daily activities, such as what you’re grateful for today, tips for those suffering with the same illness etc. And don’t forget the group chats! You can join all sorts of groups and discuss things in relation to how you’re feeling.
A group made specifically for teens and young adults.It focused on mental health as many of us spoonies have to deal with. You get your own little fury friends which you choose a the beginning. You document how you’re feeling everyday, get daily reminders when to take medication and can add information to it, such as an emergency contact and has loads of information on things beneficial to you! (For example; how to handle heat, talking to your doctor etc)
(Currently only available on Apple App Store) Similar to Pacifica, this group documents how you are but allows you to write full paragraphs. You can write them privately or share them with other people on the app. So for them days where you’re filled with emotion but have no one to speak to you, you can write it out on the app. Or have a good thought? Write it in the app, and when you have a down day you can go on and read it to remind you, there are good times. Another aspect of the app is “PenPals” you fill out a little bit about yourself, and what you’re looking for in a pen pal, and similarly to tinder, you swipe through people who would fit your type of pen pal, then you can discuss with them anything!
One of the most popular on the Apple App Store, involving relaxation techniques and meditation. It helps increase self awareness and reduces stress. It’s extremely helpful when you’re feeling down or extremely stressed and can help you feel like you’re in another world just for a little while.
Although many spoonies struggle walking distances or heading out, with the new release of Pokemon Go, anything can be possible when you’re distracted. However theres CharityMiles. It measures how much you’ve walked and donates money to your chosen charity! It still needs a few updates to include more charities, but think of how you could help invisible illness charities. You can also join teams and make it a group effort to raise money! So while walking 2k/5k to hatch them pokemon eggs you can make a difference to possible research!
Instant Heart Rate – Heart Rate Monitor
You’re probably wondering how does an app measure your heart rate? Well thankfully this app is known for being scarily closely accurate! You simply have your finger on your camera and measures the blood flow on the tip of your finger. It can be extremely helpful if you feel out of breath or as if you’re full of adrenaline, especially for those with POTS or heart problems!

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