My Spotify Playlist – December 2019

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The year is coming to an end. There have been a lot of changes for me this year; one of them which has progressed immensely is my music taste. Here are some of the songs from my current Spotify playlist from 2019. All these songs I’ve enjoyed in some way (and most I really enjoyed in Pregnancy).

Disclaimer: I listen to A LOT of K-Pop…just saying.

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  1. Β HIP – Mamamoo

I only discovered Mamamoo quite recently and fell in love with them (just like BTS at the MAMA awards.) They’re super talented, amazing fashion and after watching them on Men on a Mission; I fell in love with their personalities too. “HIP” is a major bop.


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2. The Truth Untold – BTS

If you know me, you know I love BTS (My main picture is Yoongie (Suga) – one of the rappers.) They’re a savant in every way possible. They can do no wrong. Their lyrics are amazing. Dancing skills are truly breathtaking. I better stop before I get carried away. The truth untold is a romantic ballad and it really hits my heartstrings hard. I especially listened to it a lot in pregnancy when I was feeling emotional. Their music also seemed to calm Charles down when kicking me hard. I have a future k-pop fan in the making I swear!

3. Blue Flame – ASTRO

A very new love of mine and they’re basically babies themselves. I originally saw the “visual” member Cha Eunwoo in a K-Drama (post coming soon..) and fell in love with him. After doing my usual stalk, I saw the video for “baby”. They are extremely talented. Not on BTS’ level quite yet but their youngest members are only just of legal age so I’m expecting a lot more from them from now on! Eunwoo definitely has my heart (although Rocky wrecks constantly.)

4. Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) – BTS

If you didn’t guess already; BTS dominate my playlist. Mic Drop is a brilliant song; the definition of telling your haters where to go. However, the Steve Aoki remix is a major hype song I can listen to to get into a good mood and pumped for the day! It’s also mostly in English which can be a good song to start off with if you’re ever interested in listening to them! (The music video is off the charts too.)

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5. Gashina – SUMNI

A “crazy” breakup song but very realistic in every way. It can drive you insane not knowing why someone leaves you and Sumni definitely shows it in this song. However, what got me is the dance moves when she performs live. Any k-pop fan knows her routine and beat. I just love listening to it on repeat.


6. Kiss and Makeup – DUA LIPA x BLACKPINK

Again; K-Pop in a way except this features Dua Lipa and is mostly in English too. DUA LIPA is one of the only artists I actually like that isn’t in the k-pop scene at the moment (although she’s their international sweetheart.) Kiss and Makeup is a very relaxing song with the BLACKPINK edge on it. BLACKPINK is a gorgeous girl group. Even my niece loves their songs (mainly because they’re on Just Dance) but they’re very mesmerising and clever in their music.

7. Nice to Meet Ya – Niall Horan

Ah; my original celebrity crush. Sorry, Niall, you’ve been replaced! However, you’ll always be held in a tiny piece of my 13-year-old self’s heart. However, I do still enjoy his music from time to time. He’s very chill but outspoken. One of the reasons I loved him in the first place.


bts silver spoon performance
BTS – SILVER SPOON. Mainly added for my own viewing pleasure…
8. Silver Spoon – BTS

Back to the boys! Of course, this is one of my most listened to songs (and most-watched dance practices). Silver Spoon (BAPSAE) is a very creative yet political song. Go have a read of the lyrics. As a millennial, it really speaks to me about the troubles we have nowadays and they portray it quite clearly with a good beat too. And for a Korean group to do that is also very inspiring.

9. Agust D – Agust D

I obviously need to showcase SUGA as Agust D too. The talent from this man is overwhelming (I’ve also read he’s considered “faster” than Eminem; whether that’s true I don’t know; I love both but Yoongi just has that extra-ness). Agust D is his rap persona and with his first mixtape he’s definitely told all his haters “f*ck you”. He shows another side to himself and shows others that he’s not just this pretty rapper boy in a boy group; he’s an individual who can spit some words and make meaning. He’s so talented it’s unreal. (Sadly Spotify doesn’t have his full album on there BUT I had to include him).

10. Cheer Up – TWICE

TWICE are an OG girl group. Cheer Up gets stuck in my head constantly (and if you know it; now it will too you’re welcome!).


What are some of your favourite songs at the moment?






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