Current Stationery Favourites

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If you would have seen my latest Bullet Journal update, you would have seen how much I’ve loved getting back into my stationery lifestyle! Well here are some of my current favourite stationery items!



Animal Crossing Washi Tape*

Designed by a dear friend of mine, I absolutely adore this washi tape (see picture above)! I adore buying washi tape off AliExpress, but you can tell my friend Jess really had a lot of input besides the drawing into this Washi! It’s great quality and a lot of product for the price!

You Pin Gel Pens*

These are my all-time favourite pens and they’re now all I used! Although they’re classed as gel pens, they write like fineliners which I really enjoy, and they’re also quick drying. They also last extremely long and don’t run through the paper.

Now aren’t these adorable!? I just had to show these off as an insane marvel fan, and the pastel aesthetic going on. They’re also great pens like the You Pins. 10/10 would recommend!

Stabilo Pastel Highlighters

If you’re an avid stationery hoarder like me and don’t have these yet, what are you doing!? They are amazing (currently on sale too), and last a lifetime. Definitely worth stocking upon. [Buy the thinner version here]

Cartoon Stationery Holder*

These little containers are so cute, so I just had to include them. (Please be aware they’re quite small but fit my sticky notes in!)

Sailor Moon Pencil Case*
If you didn’t already know, I adore Sailor Moon and these pencil cases are very spacy, while also giving that kawaii aesthetic!

So these are some of my favourite current items and maybe there will be part two very soon! Have any cute stationery buys you wish to share? Leave them below!

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  1. I LIVE FOR ANIMAL CROSSING AHH (how have I not found your blog before!?) I saw the animal crossing stationary and was instantly drawn! (Also loving the Groot one too!)

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