Why I created a blogging community; Sunshine Bloggers

Why make a blogging community?
About 2-3 years ago, after I shortly started blogging, a friend asked me to join her blogging community team. Back then, the group was called “Blogger’s Corner”. It was about celebrating all sorts of bloggers, helping each other and providing criticism when needed. After a few months, sadly my friend left and left me in charge.
Over the next few years, I changed the group a bit more. I changed the name, changed the way the community was run and branched out a bit onto other forms of social media (as it was run via Facebook.) But then, a lot came up. My life was getting complicated, and I had too much to focus on and had to prioritize. Sadly, BC became dead. Mainly due to myself and my priorities, therefore I had to shut it down for a little bit!
But finally, it’s back and revamped.
Sunshine Bloggers is a new modern blogging community. Situated on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, we’re hoping to encourage positive blogging, and enforcing friendship, and pop culture. Over on Twitter, we do a lot of weekly random threads! There is no schedule as no one has time for that, we just like to do them as randomly as possible! And we hope people actually take part in them properly, allowing themselves to communicate with other bloggers. Furthermore, on Pinterest, we have a group board, where you can pin your latest blog posts! And why not repin some too? The more you repin, the better!
My blog has hit it off over 2018, and I thought it’s time I give a little back into the community too. 
If you’d like to get involved, check out my links above! And I hope to see you soon!


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