The Guide to Portrush, Northern Ireland.

Portrush, the small yet content town. However, it may be small, but it’s quite beautiful and famous for it’s golf and resorts!

Portstewart – 1960s

What is it famous for?

Portrush is the home to golf. Famously known, Portrush has been the home to majority of the Golf Opens, with The Royal Portrush Golf Club as it’s host. The golf course has engulfed the town, with the majority of activities people take part in is drinking or playing Golf.

Eating Tea at 55 Degrees North, enjoying the view.


Pubs and Restaurants – No matter where you go, you will always find a pub in Portrush. Even a pub next to a pub! Sounds quite typical of the Irish? Well, Portrush is a community. Everyone knows everyone, and all the pubs are social places. Whether you drink, want to watch golf/football or sing on karaoke, this is what it’s for. And the food at the restaurants is amazing! Most have unique menus, and usually offer amazing food with an excellent option of choices and drinks.


Springhill Bar.
The Atlantic.
Harbour Bar
Kiwi Brew Bar
55 Degrees North
Ocho Tapas

Ramore Seaside Restaurant – Chicken Tikka –  10/10

Barrys – Barrys is an amusement park in the heart of the seaside town. It includes many rides, and no matter what age, you can always rely on having a good time at Barrys.

Kellys – Kellys is a caravan park, situated near the golf course. But on Kelly’s land is a small night club. Infamous for pulling, getting rotten drunk and having a great night out! Once you visit Kellys, youve officially been initiated into adulthood.

Majorly Cheap Parking!

Dunluce Castle – Home to the Greyjoys! )Top Fact: Part of Game of Thrones was filmed at Dunluce Castle) (Dont believe me, google it!). It’s a beautiful castle, not only used for Game of Thrones but also inspired The Caire Parivel of the Chronicles of Narnia.

Coleraine Football Club.

Amusements – Not only are there many pubs, you can never walk past an Amusement Centres. Some include the Wacky Workshop (similiar to the Wacky Warehouse). Includes a ball pit, but other amusement things such as coin machines and other cool stuff!

A casual walk along the marina..

Why am I writing about Portrush?

Well of course I come from there. Yes I live in Liverpool, but my heart and family are in Portrush. They do say “home is where the heart is”. It’s such a beautiful relaxing place. And it’s known seaside towns are the best for asthmatics. I swear me and my boyfriend felt we could actually breathe while we were there. Dont forget, my dad’s side of the family live there. Theres so much family history over there, and I feel welcomed there, in the pubs, anywhere, just by stating my name. Compared to Liverpool, even though I love living here, Portrush will always be the place I want to be. 

– Amylou

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