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“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. “

Theraspecs Over-RX Specs; Migraine Relief Flurescent Light Glasses.

Migraines, are the actual bane of my life. Seriously. Back in 2015, I asked my opticians to include a tint, so that in light I wouldn’t be so sensitive to light. And while it’s great that I dont need an extra pair of sunglasses, they don’t help at all, in fact they’re rather annoying walking into college and people staring at me, or the bus drivers stopping for me because my glasses make me look blind rather than sunglasses. I wasn’t getting any relief, my medication isn’t working, I’m waiting for my neurologist to see me and the glasses I thought would help, just didn’t!

Just to re-clarify for any new readers, I suffer myself with Chronic Migraine-Vertigo. This means I am going to suffer with Migraine and Vertigo for the rest of my life. My onset of migraines are atleast 3 a week, up to 15-18 a month, which means it’s in a quite severe place. My medication includes co-codamol and Amitriptyline. The doctors have found although the frequency of my migraines has lessensed, the severity of them is worse, including my vertigo. And I am always on the look out for something that can help improve my pain capacity, as most days I can’t lift my head off the pillow. And how ironic I be writing this during Chronic Migraine Awareness Month?

Then an opportunity came about, TheraSpecs Migraine Relief Glasses. As a blogger for Chronic Illness Bloggers, the opportunity to actually receive a pair and try them out was a god send! I had already heard a lot about them via other spoonie bloggers, and so many good things on facebook, I always wished to try them out.

You’re probably wondering if I did my research first, before accepting this opportunity, and of course I did! Migraines are a big part of my life, along with the vertigo associated with it.  A clinical study of TheraSpecs‘ tint showed that participants experienced on average 74% fewer migraine attacks per month! That was impressive to me at first glance. And when I tried them on, it really helped too.

My verdict? They’re perfect. Literally. Although there are some things that could be improved on, I never realised how good they would actually be! I got the Over-RX Specs (ones which go over my actual prescription glasses), as I need my glasses 24/7.

How do they look on me? Well you can easily see it above! Of course they’re a bit bigger than my usual glasses, but they so easily glide over my glasses. And with big glasses being in style, they really don’t look silly! And the relief from Migraines, makes it easy for me, to not care what others think, compared to my actual glasses’ tint which makes me really self-conscious.

Although the glasses are quite heavy, especially going over my own glasses, what really matters is the lenses. And they really work. For example, I tried them out the day I got them, as I had a terrible migraine, and it was to the point I didn’t want to lift my head up off my pillow. However, I had to, due to plans, and decided to test them out straight away. Surrounded by family (which is noisy for anyone), I went out in my glasses, and the minute I put them on, I had a sense of relief. Although the pain didn’t go away I felt like I could relax, the pain from the lights were gone, my eyes weren’t spasming and it felt good to be able to leave my bedroom. Theraspecs also make this clear in their FAQ. It cannot prevent migraines, although soothe them, and don’t forget to take your meds too! They’re there to help you with daily life, not cure migraines.
See how easily they slide over my glasses?

Now let’s talk price. The price for the theraspecs you can see me wearing,  would of been $99 (£73). This is how much my actual glasses cost all together with the tint! Although I wouldn’t usually pay that much out for non-prescription glasses, of course my actual prescriptions come to over £100 a week, to reduce pain I certaintly would buy a pair myself. Of course it isn’t the right price for everyone, I personally love the bargain, but they have a whole range of glasses suited to everyone, and if you think of the benefits, it surely outweighs the price.

Overall, TheraSpecs are amazing. Compared to actual opticians glasses, TheraSpecs actually help. And trust me, I’m not letting go of these ever!

Interested in TheraSpecs? Click here to check out their website.

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