YOU HAVE 5 LAYERS OF MASCARA!? – My current favourite Mascaras.

Back in high school, my main part of the makeup I wore everyday, was mascara. I didn’t wear foundation, concealer, just a heap tons of mascara. Why? I have long eyelashes, and wanted to extenuate them even more! Your eyelashes can make or break a look. I find, that unless I’m wearing fake eyelashes, my eyeshadow looks awful. Mainly because I’m terrible at eyeshadow and eyelashes hide the flaws, but it just pieces everything together. But fake eyelashes can also be a massive pain, which is why I just put several layers of mascara on. And here are my top 5 that I use with my everyday makeup look!

Clinique is one of my go to brands, but mainly for skincare. However, their mascaras have never failed me. Their brushes are always small, and can easily grip the lashes. I prefer this mascara for the bottom lashes, to give them more length and seperate them. It also allows me to lift my lashes before going in with a heavier mascara, or without using a eyelash curler. This retails for £20.50, which makes it on the more expensive side, but if you want a lifting long wearing mascara, this is perfect! And lasts too!

Now if you know me, you know my go to brand for anything and everything is Makeup Revolution. This mascara is a MUST have if you like thick and volumised eyelashes. Not only is it the blackest of black mascaras I have ever used, it intensifies my lashes to the fullest. The only downside is, the thickness of the brush. The brush is quite big, and the fibers do not latch onto the eyelashes as much, which can cause clumps and “spider” like eyelashes. But doing it slowly and smoothly, can definitely help prevent that.

3. Bad Girl Bang Mascara – Benefit

This mascara was something I thought I’d never purchase. Benefit has never been appealing to me. I tried the liquid highlighter “High Beam” and it was…okay, but it made me think Benefit was seriously overrated. Then I decided to give Benefit a go, and ordered some minis, just in case I didn’t like the full size product. At first the product was very wet, and I didn’t like it at all. I thought “oh here we go, a waste of money” again. Then I went to Ireland and forgot it was the only mascara in my bag! I decided I would buy another when I was in Ireland but until I could get to the shops, I would use this one. In the end, I love it! It picks up every single lash and separates them, while curling and defining them! I think it starts off wet when you first use it, but after a few uses I started loving it! I can even wear it on it’s own for a simple natural “long lash” look! And I will definitely be purchasing the full sized product!

4. Roller Lash – Benefit

Another thing I received from Benefit, was the Roller Lash mascara. I got this in a gift set that was 70% off, and it is full sized. This is another “cult” product, that I thought I would never try, but I’ve got to say it’s pretty good. This along with the Bad Girl BANG, I can wear on it’s own. 

Although this is not as black, and not as thickening, it lifts my eyelashes to their full potential. It is definitely a natural use mascara.

5. Wonderfully Real Mascara – Rimmel

Last but not least we have the Wonderfully Real mascara by Rimmel! Now, I got this in a “Spend over ___ and get a free mascara” offer in Superdrug, and only heard terrible things about it. But I actually really like this mascara! The brush is great, the fibers are okay! And it’s got a good curl in it! The only downside is the amount of product is very sparce on the brush, so it takes a few layers (when on it’s own) to get some progress!

What are some of your favourite mascaras? And do you layer them on top of eachother like I do? What do you think?

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